Mokulock Wooden Bricks: Not The Green LEGO Blocks You Were Looking For

Mokulock's wooden bricks are what you'd get if, say, the LEGO company made and marketed their world-famous bricks a thousand years ago instead of right here, right now.

Crafted from natural hardwoods including maple, cherry or birch, the Japanese company offers a green alternative to LEGO's multicolored plastic bricks... except they're not really “green” if you know what we mean.

Mokulock bricks sure do look like LEGO bricks, at least the standard eight-knobbed ones, and the resemblance can be seen from beneath as well. We're not sure if Mokulock licensed the design from LEGO but White Rabbit Express includes the following proviso at their sales page:

“Due to potential patent conflict, WhiteRabbit Japan is allowed to sell only to limited countries (28 EU member countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Switzerland, and Japan) for the mean time.” Curiously, one of those 28 EU member countries is Denmark, where The LEGO Group is based.


Legalities aside, 32 × 16 × 13mm Mokulock bricks are cool in and of themselves, and may offer an alternative to environmentally active parents who prefer their children's toys be less petroleum-based. On the other hand, the wood those bricks are made of once was part of a living ecosystem in the form of actual maple, cherry and birch trees. Darn, it's tough being green these days!

If you're untroubled by such thorny issues, then Mokulock wooden bricks are available for purchase via White Rabbit Express in sets of 24 or 48 pieces.