Mollusc Tent Opens And Closes In A Snap

If you've ever been camping then you know how lovely a starry night sky is. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to lie in your tent and just pop off the roof and gaze at the stars? With Mollusc tent, you can pretty much do this. Mollusc tent opens and closes in just seconds.

Mollusc TentMollusc Tent

What Makes Mollusc Different?

Tents and other portable shelters have been in use for thousands of years. From the teepee to the igloo, these shelters eventually birthed the modern tent. Now there are a myriad of options and features you can have with your portable shelter. The Mollusc Tent offers campers and hikers the option to quickly open and close their shelter--not just the door, but the whole tent.

With most tents, you have a ton of rods and poles and once it's set up, you use it as shelter against the elements and a nice warm or cool place to sleep. With Mollusc tent, you set it up in a snap, and then you can use it as a shelter or open it halfway for some shade in its "overhang" position. You could also open it all the way and have some ground cover for a picnic. 

Mollusc OpenMollusc Open

The Mollusc's retractable canopy design allows you to set the tent up in a matter of minutes, much faster than traditional tents. Just set up the skeleton and ground cover, attach the canopy to the skeleton and either close the tent or leave it open. 

Mollusc's Uses

As I've mentioned, the ability to open and close the Mollusc tent is a perk for campers who want to enjoy the night sky without leaving their tent or have a picnic without getting their bums wet on the ground. Besides these obvious uses, you can employ the Mollusc tent in several other ways. 

Enjoy The Sun And Have A Bit Of ShelterEnjoy The Sun And Have A Bit Of Shelter

The Mollusc tent stands about 10 feet tall, with a 19.5 foot diameter, and it covers about 128 square feet. With a tent that big, you could use it as a swimming pool cover to reduce heat costs and keep your pool open year round. It's also great to use as just an awning. 

Since you can open and shut the Mollusc quite easily, you can control the temperature easily. This could come in handy if you want to use this tent as a greenhouse/polytunnel. The Mollusc could also double as an outdoor yoga studio or meditation space. 

Back DoorBack Door

The Mollusc team just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, so you can expect this tent on the market pretty soon. If you just can't wait, you can visit the Mollusc website to order one. Just be aware that the earliest delivery date isn't until April '16.