“Mom Business Cards”, Newest Trend For House-Proud Japanese Wives

Japan's housewives, homemakers and den-mothers are flaunting their status by ordering custom “Mama Meishi” (Mom Business Cards) and handing them out at every opportunity.

Unlike most men's business cards, Mama Meisha are much more colorful and expressive though women married to successful corporate executives are only too pleased to include such info on their own cards.


The trend began about four years ago when the domestic women's fashion magazine VERY published an article detailing the concept, while at the same time setting up a website explaining, advising, and most importantly SELLING Mama Meishi to their readers.

Besides sporting attractive designs and being made from high-quality paper, the ideal Mama Meishi cards read like mini-bios of a happy mother's busy and productive lifestyle. Social media contact info is included, naturally, as are their children's names and mention of the family's hobbies and interests. They're just the thing to impress fellow mothers at the next PTA meeting.

A number of online shops have sprung up to supply the growing demand for Mama Meishi, which can be ordered in small (50-100) quantities and updated when the user's info changes – the perfect excuse to hand out cards all over again!

Naturally, the culture of mothers creating and dispensing personal business cards has sparked some social difficulties as the cards are often used as tools by women with high social status to advertise said status. Look for “Business Card Wars” to begin airing on Japanese TV any day now. (via News Post Seven and Spotlight, images via Aiiro Graphics)