Mom, Do Your Balls Recharge? More Earth Friendly Gifts For Mom

Shouldn't every day be Mother's Day? Mother's everywhere will probably shout, "Yes!" This year show your mom how much she is appreciated. Then help her relax with gifts like the unique earth friendly Mother's Day gift ideas below.


1. Recharging Balls Give Her Power


Via CoroflotVia Coroflot

If your mom has arthritis or is often stressed consider the Roll Charger as a gift. Roll Charger is a set of balls your mom can play with (no pun intended) to help alleviate some of her aches and worries. How are these different from the traditional Baoding balls? The Roll Balls when played with harness and convert kinetic energy into electricity which then charges rechargeable batteries (AA or AAA). There is only one battery per ball. There are two balls. The Roll Charger indicates when the batteries are fully charged. Red means full and green means charging. Jiang Qian designed this innovation idea. He has also designed the If-Battery, a very cool and useful idea for people that forget the battery chargers at home.


2. I Heart My Mom Organically


Via Organic StyleVia Organic Style

If the giant roses are beyond your budget or not what you are looking for, consider an organic California grown heart-shaped wreath, made with organic ingredients from Organic Style for your mom. This wreath is made with lavender, Angel Breath Achillea, warm-scented Oregano, bright Myrtle and a spring-time Daffodil. It's pretty, decorative, smells nice and your mom doesn't have to worry about the carbon foot print because to offset the carbon generated from shipping the gift, "each time you purchase a product from Organic Style, the amount of carbon emissions from that shipment is offset by rolling funds into the Nicaragua Reforestation Project".


3. Flip Flops and Fold


Via Floc DesignsVia Floc Designs

If you're mom loves flip-flops here is an innovative earth friendly pair. These flip-flops fold up and can be easily transported and worn anywhere.  The Flip Flops are made in the United States and are made of  95 percent recycled rubber.  Don't just stop at the flip-flops though. If you are going to buy your mom eco-friendly flip-flops go ahead and attach a gift card too for a day at an eco-friendly spa for a nice relaxing pedicure and more.


4. If You Have 4 Grand


Via BranchVia Branch

Now that your mom has the rechargeable balls in her hands the foldable flips flops unfolded on her feet and the wreath in her view on the wall have her take a seat on this chair made of natural wool felt and adhered with non-toxic water-based adhesives. It's called the Relief Chair, just don't tell her about the 4 grand you spent on it if you want her to stay relieved.


5. Simplicity Goes A Long Green Way

You could buy her gifts like the ones above and/or you could give the amazing mother in your life a hug. Tell her you love her, make her an organic meal, an organic cake and spend the day with her talking to her about your childhood and hers. Then take note in your busy schedule to visit her more often. At the end of the day, give her a kiss goodnight and thank her for loving you, protecting you and nurturing you the best way she knew how.

Happy Mother's Day! May your Mother's Day be filled with love, nurture and nature for years to come.