Mom Inventor Turns Millionaire With Simple Product Idea

Imagine being a stay-at-home mom, coming up with a brilliant idea, creating a quick prototype with a sewing machine, and then generating millions of dollars in revenue from that simple idea?  That's what happened to Kim Levine, the creator of the Wuvit®!

Kim Levine created her Wuvit® product while watching her husband feed deer in their backyard.  She noticed a large bag of corn that her husband had left next to her sewing machine and suddenly had an amazing 'aha' moment for the perfect new product concept.

Kim Levine realized that if she put some corn in cloth, sewed it together and then put it in the microwave; a warm relaxing pillow would be created. She rushed to create the simple product idea with her sewing machine and her multi-million dollar empire was born!

Initially, Kim thought the Wuvit® concept would just be great gift for her kids and for people in her local area.  But soon realized her idea had huge potential.  When local parents started calling her in the middle of the night asking for another soothing pillow because their kids could not sleep without the Wuvit®, she knew she had a fabulous opportunity. 

At that point, Kim decided to start taking the necessary action steps to bring her product to market.  She researched, found a manufacturer that could create her product, developed some adorable packaging, and then started getting the word out about her new Wuvit® product.  She started going to local retailers and craft shows, and then eventually got a major break when Saks Department Store decided to put the Wuvit® products in their stores!  Now she's a millionaire and has even written a book about her retail endeavors!

The morale of the story is this: Ordinary people can produce extraordinary results with their simple product ideas if they follow their heart and take action.  If you have a product concept that you think retailers will love, then do whatever it takes to make it happen! You could be the next million dollar success story!

Karen Waksman
Guest Blogger

Karen Waksman (Product for Profit,) is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. She has written a step-by-step guide called ‘How To Sell Your Product, Invention or Craft to Major Retailers…No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required!’