Mom Inventors Make Millions With Kids 'Boogie' Product

Ever come up with a solution to an everyday problem that was driving you nuts? The Boogie Mom's did and they made millions!

 A couple of moms invented a product called Boogie Wipes®, as an answer to their kid's stuffy, red noses.  These moms were tired of using the available solutions out on the market and decided to come up with a better option.

 After extensive research, Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens came up with a very simple idea--a saline moist wipe that actually relieved their kids of their chapped noses! And a million dollar idea was born!

The Boogie Moms were thrilled with their Boogie Wipes® idea but soon realized that they had no clue as to how to actually bring their product to market! They had never manufactured anything before.

Well, that didn't stop them! The Boogie Moms spent the next year learning how to develop their Boogie Wipe® products with the ultimate goal of getting their products on the shelves of retailers.  They tried and failed and never gave up. The good news is that their hard work paid off--Rite Aid Stores picked up their Boogie Wipes® product and the rest is history!  And today, Boogie Wipes® are available in more than 40,000 retail stores nationwide!

 How did these moms generate such extraordinary results?  The answer is simple...Boogie Wipes® moms, Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens, found a solution to a frustrating problem, researched and developed their idea, worked hard on the development and manufacturing process and then took their product to market.  They were committed to the success of their new venture and just made it happen.

Therefore, ordinary people can produce extraordinary results if they believe in their product idea and take action steps to succeed.  If you have a product idea that you think will be a huge hit, then do whatever it takes to make it happen.   You could be the next million dollar success story! (See Boogie Wipes)

Karen Waksman
Guest Blogger

Karen Waksman (Product for Profit,) is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. She has written a step-by-step guide called ‘How To Sell Your Product, Invention or Craft to Major Retailers…No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required!’