Mommy I’m Here cl-305 Child Locator: Aid for Parents

It's bound to happen. You're having a family picnic, you look up, and Johnny is nowhere in sight. Fear sets in as you imagine the worst. Whether you are in the park, on a camping trip, at the airport or the mall, some children wander off from time-to-time.

Mommy I'm HereMommy I'm Here

The Mommy I'm Here cl-305 Child Locator is a two-part wireless device that helps parents keep a better eye on their children, even when you can't see them. The cute little bear receiver stays with your child and the keychain transmitter stays with you. Simply attach the little bear on your child's clothing or shoe.

Mommy I'm HereMommy I'm Here

The water resistant device works from 150 feet away. If your child steps outside the 25 foot range, the helpful Locator chimes in and alerts you. If you still can't see your child, hit the 86-decibel alarm on the keychain transmitter.

Mommy I'm HereMommy I'm Here

Designed by parents, the electronic device is packaged with batteries. When the batteries need to be replaced, they bear will chirp. The device does have an on/off switch which extends the life of the batteries. Available in several color choices, the Mommy I'm Here cl-305 Child Locator retails for around $30.

Source and Photos: Mommy I'm Here and Amazon


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