Monitor Your Pet's Health With The Latest Wearable: The Whistle Activity Monitor


You want your pets to live a long life in the best health possible.  It's only natural. That's what the inventor group of high-tech innovators wanted for their pets, and that's why they created the Whistle, a wearable monitor for dogs that enables you to set health goals for them and make sure they're reaching them, even while you're away.


 Whistle Dog Monitor: image via petsmart.comWhistle Dog Monitor: image via


Away?  Well, yes.  If you have a dog walker, or you have boarded your dog, you still want to make sure that she's getting her medication, eating her meals, and getting those promised walks and play time.  You can monitor all these activities and more with the Whistle. Affixed to your dog's collar, Whistle never takes a nap, even if your dog does (unless you forget to charge it!).

Just slide the Whistle over your dog's collar and download the app, iOS or Android, and upload your dog's information about exercise, diet, medication, photos if you like, set goals, and get ready to monitor.  You can even compare your dog's fitness levels to other same or simlar breed dogs.



This nifty Whistle activity monitor is available from and PetSmart.

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