Monitor Your Unborn Baby's Heartbeat From Home With Bellabeat

We've seen wearable breathing and temperature monitors in baby clothes, and wristbands for mood tracking, and now there is a fully fledged pregnancy home monitoring system on the market.

Bellabeat is a doppler device that attaches to your smartphone to monitor your baby's heartbeat and kicking patterns while it's still in the womb. The latest app update includes the ability for expectant mothers to monitor their moods and connect with other expectant mothers, to catch early signs of depression.

Bellabeat App for Baby Heartbeat MonitoringBellabeat App for Baby Heartbeat Monitoring


A Doppler fetal heart rate monitor is a hand held ultrasound transducer that uses the Doppler effect to provide an audible simulation of your unborn baby's heartbeat. Baby heart beat monitors for home use are not new, but they haven't always received FDA support.


Bellabeat MonitorBellabeat Monitor


Some doctors are not fans of tools to listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat. They can give a false sense of security if you misinterpret your own pulse for your baby's heartbeat, or a false sense of anxiety if you can't hear anything at all. So remember, if you are using an at home fetal monitoring system: it may not be sophisticated enough to pick up the heartbeat until 5 months or more of pregnancy, and that it should never replace medical advice.

Sonoline B is one home use doppler device that does have FDA approval, and retails for $78.99. The downside is it lacks the support of other moms, facilitated through a smartphone app.

FetalBeats is a competitor of Bellabeat, a company who pitched on the Dragons Den. It's also FDA approved, and retails for $139.00.

Bellabeat retails for $129.00 and you can get yours here.