Monitor Your Power Usage on your Monitor With Sassor's ELP Lite

“ELP Lite” might sound like a ponderous early 1970's progressive rock trio performing unplugged (which actually sounds kinda cool) but in actual fact, it's the first entry version of the Energy Literacy Platform from Japan's Sassor. This clever hardware/software combo device can show you how much electrical power each of your home appliances are consuming, either a web-based interface or via an iPhone app.

Sassor, a tech start-up company based in the eastern Japanese city of Kanagawa, specializes in interactive and service design. ELP Lite is the venture's first consumer product and with Japan's notoriously hot summer just around the corner, its introduction couldn't be more timely.

ELP Lite caters to responsible homeowners who recognize the need to economize on power usage in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear power plant shutdowns that followed at Fukushima and Hamaoka.

ELP Lite is a flexible service costing 19,500 yen ($235) and up - the cost is adjustable to match the requirements of the user and the number of convenience features ordered. The service combines a receiver set up between an appliance and a power point, an easy-to-navigate website that displays statistics in real time, and an optional iPhone app that lets users check out their home power consumption from a remote location.

Kudos to Shuichi Ishibashi and Takayuki Miyauchi, the two Keio University graduates who founded Sassor in September of 2010, for moving ELP Lite's introduction date forward so that power-saving consumers can beat the heat this summer! (via Asiajin)