Monster Hands Is 'Handy' Entertainment For Young Kids


Some kids are easy to entertain, or so I’ve heard.  Unfortunately for me, this has not been the experience thus far.  My daughter has been bored, I swear, since birth or very possibly even before.  Our house is crammed full of toys, but she still seems to have nothing to do.  I have found that sometimes the simpler things are far more intriguing to these challenging little guys than the fancy new toys.  With this in mind, I think that Animal Hands and Monster Hands temporary tattoos are a great baby/toddler entertainment idea.



Just like the temporary tattoos that kids have been applying for years, these bright, non-toxic characters go on with water and are said to remove easily too.  They apply to the inside of the index finger and around to the thumb portion of the hand.  The fun animal and monster faces will transform hands into the ultimate portable hand puppet.  They come in sets of eight (either monsters or animals), each with a host of colorful characters. 



These would be great for parents to apply to their own hands to help keep kids amused during road trips, dinners out and any other situations where you need to keep them quiet, but just don’t want to pack any more toys.  They would also be fun for slightly older kids to put on their own hands to perform puppet shows for family and friends.  You can pick up a set here.



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