Montreal Startup Festival

Montreal Startup FestivalMontreal Startup Festival

Today was the final day of the 2013 Startup Festival of Montreal, an event which was held in the Old Port area for the third year. The goal of these events is to export a bit of Silicon Valley up north. In this edition, over 50 exposits could be seen. Many people attended, including inventors, entrepreneurs, investors and clients. Most of the startups are unsurprisingly focused on high end technologies, and keynotes talked of the latest news and tactics used by new businesses.

While most tents showcased new startups from Canadian innovators, there were also some big names like Google, Altimeter and Indiegogo. According to their mission statement, this startup festival is the perfect place for collaboration between global leaders and the startup scene. There were keynote speakers, contests, prizes and funding drives.

While this kind of event may be common in California's tech scene, this sort of event is fairly new and growing around the world. This type of startup festival is key to networking and can be invaluable to inventors trying to fund their new business. If you don't happen to live near a technology hotbed, chances are you may find such an event happening soon which could give you opportunities you otherwise would not have. If you live in Montreal, then you may be interested to know the 2014 version will be occurring on July 9-12.