Mood Light Shower Radio

Do you have someone in your family who loves to sing in the shower or the tub?   Or if you happen to be a news junkie like I am, missing the latest breaking news and current weather reports are something I don't like to miss.   If  either of those scenarios sound familiar, the Mood Light Shower Radio may be just the ticket.

Mood Light Shower RadioMood Light Shower Radio

The Mood Light Shower Radio is a  compact AM/FM radio, housed in a no-fuss, splash-proof plastic body. Nicely designed, the radio conveniently hangs in your shower by the built-in antenna. The mouse-shaped radio comes in three different moody colors - green, blue and orange. Just under 3 x 2 x 5, the radio requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included. From Wrapables, the radios retail for under $18 each and are available now.  Rock on!

Source and Photo: Amazon

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