Moon Bowls Appeal to Your Romantic Phases

Here's to you, romantic lunatics! Moon Bowls from Tale Co. Ltd are designed with a contoured bottom that becomes more exposed the more you drink. As the liquid recedes, the bowl gradually reflects the phases of the moon from full to new.

When half full or more, the liquid in the bowl forms a circular “lake” bounded by the inner walls of the bowl, much like any other bowl, cup or drinking glass. That's when the fun starts... or to be more exact, things get loonier the more you drink. Again, not unusual depending on what you're drinking.

At a certain point, the remaining liquid in the bowl recedes below the upper edge of the tilted bottom surface and suddenly, your full moon begins to wane. Sip by sip, the “moon” in your bowl changes phases from gibbous to half to finally the merest of crescents. Don't be sad... add some more liquid and your moon will wax to its former glory!

Moon Bowls come in black or white, the latter ideal for more transparent tinted drinks such as green, jasmine or oolong tea. Black bowls work best with more traditional Japanese green teas, opaque Japanese sake, and Korean Makgeolli (a milky, sweet alcoholic rice wine).

Each ceramic Moon Bowl measures 80 by 55mm (just over 3" wide by 2.2" high) and Compact Impact is offering them for $24.50 each, though you'll want a matching set for intimate evening get-togethers. Contemplate the passage of time, enjoy the possibilities of new romance or confuse the heck out of your inner werewolf – the Moon Bowl makes everything go down easy.

Editor's Update: The Moon Bowl is now available in the U.S. You can find it at Amazon here and at other retailers.

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