Moon Dough Is Not Just For Eating

We all know that Play Doh tastes good.  C'mon.  Admit it.  Every kid at some point in time ate a little piece of Play Doh because it smells sort'a sweet.

Of course I'm not advocating eating the stuff.  It's as digestible as Georgia clay (which I've eaten... I was raised there-sue me.  It tastes just like you would think-like dirt).  And Play Doh eventually dries into crusty lumps of colored brick.

Don't get me wrong.  I loved Play Doh as a kid-and still think it's one of the best toys around.  But when it dries up... well, that's kind of like breaking the arms and legs off of a GI Joe.  I could be wrong, but I don't think there's a tiny wheelchair to make that action figure playable again...

Enter Moon Dough, a hypoallergenic wheat-free blob of "clay" that never dries up.

The beauty of this stuff is that kids can sculpt something (let's say a puppy... even though it looks more like some crazy amorphous alien critter), then mash it all up to make something new-pretty much forever.  Apparently kids playing with this stuff could grow up, get married, have kids, and give Moon Dough to their grandchildren-and it would still be squishy.

It comes in eight different colors-Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

Yum... clay pizza is delicous...Yum... clay pizza is delicous...

What disturbs me a little is that Moon Dough comes in kits that emulate food.  And as kids are... experimental in what they put in their mouths, this makes me wonder how many pounds of Moon Dough will be consumed in those few "wonder years" of youth.

Regardless of the culinary quality of this product, the point is that it doesn't dry out.  And that means more play time for the kiddies.  This video shows off the dough-tastic doughyness of Moon Dough:

All hail the creativity of the kid who simply stacked blocks of Moon Dough into a big tower.  Jeez.

He'll be the kid eating the stuff.

If you have a kid with a lot of creativity, get some Moon Dough at Amazon! There is an amazing variety of  Moon Dough toys to check out.

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Aug 29, 2010
by Anonymous

crumbly mess

Moon dough works great in the molds but can not be sculpted by hand into anything creative because it just crumbles and falls apart. Moon dough = Fail

Oct 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Silicon based?

"Do not use with silicon molds as it will stick" or something like that. Isn't the beauty of Play-Doh that when kids eventually eat it, because we all know they will be curious at some point, that it's not terribly harmful? Being that it's mostly flour and salt, it would only be harmful to a gluten intolerant child. But now were going to give them a silicon based play clay? I can't imagine that being good. Also, the main selling point is that it never dries out. . . . great, so we'll have mushy silicon clay going to the dump instead of a biodegradable flour/salt/water compound.

Nov 10, 2010
by Anonymous

My dog just ate some moon

My dog just ate some moon dough. should I be concerned?

Jan 3, 2011
by Anonymous

My daughter's 5 mth boxer puppy just ate the whole thing of

How concerned should we be and is there anything we can do to help process this stuff through his system?

Oct 21, 2011
by Anonymous

give them a slice of bread

give them a slice of bread with vaseline it will make them throw it all up

Jan 14, 2012
by Anonymous

moon dough smell

its smell is awful! its supposed to be 'odour free' it smells like a dog has pooped, eaten it and then pooped it out again, before peeing on it. im nott exaggerating.

You cannot mould it properly and with the ice cream thing, they do not sit on top of eachother. It leaves a horrible residue on your hands , which also reeks,


Apr 24, 2012
by Anonymous


The purple moon dough stained my hands purple. I scrubbed my hands with soap and water and still have purple stained fingers!! The small pack I bought only had purple and white, so I'm not sure if the other colors stain hands.

Moon dough smells HORRIBLE. The person that posted above is not joking about the awful smell. At least play doh smells good!

Jun 5, 2012
by Anonymous

moon dough

i bought one and it smells awful and it made my hands turn green