Moon, Get Ready to Rock Asian Style!

If you were responsible for the first playlist to the moon, what would be on it? Elvis? Beethoven? Bon Jovi? If you were on te team for China’s first moon probe satellite, you would be making such a crucial decision.

Chang’e No. 1, which I reported on about a month ago in China Shoots For The Moon , is now ironing out its final departure details, including what it’s traveling music should be. 30 pieces have been chosen to send into space including Ode to the Yellow River and The Butterfly Lovers.

Yeah, not really what I would have chosen either – but that’s why I’m a writer and not a space-age anything.

After Chang’e No. 1 reaches its destination, Chinese citizens can hear the songs being broadcasted via satellite. Of course the Chinese have iPods and radios just as we do, but you do have to admit having your music come authentically from the moon makes for a little more glamorous of a playlist.

The 30 songs were selected through a national public vote. After the Moon Exploration Engineering Center narrowed it down to 150 selections, the top 20 were chosen based upon a strict criteria including a distinct representation of one's love for China and/or the moon.

After all, a little flattery has never caused any harm when it comes to space travel.


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Oct 20, 2007
by Gloria Campos
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Low Rider

I think Low Rider, Be Happy and the Bug Bite song should be on the list as well, but that's just my opinion