Moon In My Room Is The Ultimate Lunar Nightlight

Uncle Milton’s globular “Moon in my Room” is one of the prettiest and most entertaining nightlights that I’ve ever seen. What little astronaut wouldn’t want to fall asleep to the gentle glowing lunar cycle on their wall?

As someone who enjoys the barren and rocky landscapes of Mercury, Pluto and our own moon, this model has a bunch of interesting scientifically accurate features to amuse science nerds like myself. For starters, the Moon in my Room model has a nicely rendered 3D topographic effect, which lets you actually feel the craters and canyons of the moon with their own fingers. As cool of a side note as that is, the Uncle Milton crew really outdid themselves with the moon’s illuminated features.

Parents can use the remote to set the moon to slowly move through the different lunar cycles every five seconds, or leave the moon on your kid’s favorite setting, but let’s be real here: what kid isn’t going to want to see the shining full moon at bedtime? The most brilliant thing about this nightlight’s design is that it can be set to turn off after 30 minutes of light, ensuring that your moon will glow for a long time between battery changes. That said, be sure to stop at the battery section of Amazon before you bring this bad boy home, as Moon in my Room requires four AA batteries in the moon, as well as two AAA batteries for the device’s remote control device. Sure, it’s a battery drain, but come on parents, it’s the moon in your kid’s room. That’s just plain old cool.

Whether you’ve got a star-chaser, astronomy enthusiast or werewolf to shop for this Christmas, Moon in my room might be exactly what you’re looking for!
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