Moose Knuckles Ski Doo Mitts: Like Uggs For Your Hands


It's pretty much all-out winter in my neck of the woods. In fact, over Thanksgiving weekend, it was colder than winter: I was lucky when the mercury inched past 15 F. For those materialistic types, it means it's time to break out the chic, urban-inspired resort-wear. You know, the tight designer jeans tucked into big, furry boots and such.

Well, for those of you attempting to look like you're enjoying a three-hour champagne brunch in St. Moritz, there's a new accessory on your horizon: Moose Knuckles Ski Doo Mitts. These big fox fur creampuffs are Canadian-born, so you know they're capable of holding up to the tough, frigid nights of winter. They appear to be a leather base with big, dramatic, furry wrists and mitt tips. So they bring great "look at me! I spent way too much on horrible, horrible gloves" factor.

Moose Knuckles, which is not named after male camel toe, but rather from an unlikely combination of two Canadian classics: the moose and hockey fights, also offers a line of down parkas and bomber jackets. And ladies will enjoy a few extra fuzzy accents with both fuzzy fur collar and dangling pom poms.

The best news of all: they're way overpriced!! The down parkas run $790 and the down bombers start at $690. Perfect when you need to be seen and seen in a gawdy, oversized jacket that cost nearly a grand (Sundance anyone?). The mitts will run you a cool $160. Those prices are in Canadian bills, so, well, about the same in American dollars.

I'm not a big fan of these clothes, but the company website is a hoot with naked women barely covered in fox fur and flannel. 

Via The GearCaster