Morbid Indian Graveyard Cafe: Historical Tribute Or Halloween Scare?

Ghost stories always surround buildings, homes and other establishments built over alleged graveyards and burial sites, but while there is folklore, it's rare that a business built over a piece of history pays tribute to the past, at least not in the way that one Indian eatery does!

Graveyard Cafe in IndiaGraveyard Cafe in India

A new cafe has opened up in India, called the New Lucky Restaurant, and while it's ordinary in virtually every way, serving a commonplace menu of milky tea and buttery rolls, there's one aspect about it that just can't help disturb and intrigue. It's built on a graveyard, and while that might not sound so unusual, the fact that the grave markings actually appear within the cafe are.

The staff claim that manoeuvring around the grave stones isn't so different than getting around tables, and they've tried to enhance the ambiance by placing fresh flowers on the grave markings every morning along with candles.

What more is there to say - if you find yourself in Ahmadabad, India this month, drop by for a historical tribute and a Halloween scare!

Via: The Seattle Times