More Duct Tape! The Top 10 Worst DIY Auto Repairs

If your vehicle needs fixing, some good old-fashioned yankee ingenuity (or redneck ingenuity, for those south of the Mason-Dixon line) will put it right, amiright? Doing it right is a whole 'nother story – these 10 “creative” and innovative DIY auto repairs are all about git'n er done and gettin' back on the road.

Kick The Bucket

One would hope the bizarre crushed conveyance above is only a static Halloween display and no longer a licensed vehicle. If it truly is the latter, however, better results after sunset might be achieved by using a jack-o-lantern instead. (DIY auto repair image via People Of Walmart)

Broom With A View

This is the last straw... get it, “straw”, broom, hmm? Anyway, does this thing work better in snow or rain? Let's not be overly critical though, from the looks of it this DIY repair is actually somewhat effective. (DIY auto repair image via Mechanic Advisor)  

Glue-teus Maximus

Gorilla glue... as applied by an actual gorilla. (DIY auto repair image via White Trash Repairs)

Caster Fate To The Wind

If this car rode rough before the tire was changed, this fix definitely won't improve things. On the bright side, things like blowouts, tread wear and wheel balancing are no longer concerns. (DIY auto repair image via Autoblog)

Shades Of Genius

“Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...” and, there are TWO of them! The future must really look bright for this driver though this is likely also an illusion. (DIY auto repair image via White Trash Repairs)

Roll Tape!

Another BMW? OK, we heard these teutonic transports were costly to fix but this is ridiculous. Then again, maybe the driver's just trying to prove a point. (DIY auto repair image via White Trash Repairs)

Outback Mistakehouse

Sure your giant log bumper is impressive but Paul Hogan's Outback would sport stuffed crocodiles front AND rear... make that LIVE crocs. Crikey! (DIY auto repair image via MrConservative)

Gas Wipes

The days when an unscrewed gas cap left forgotten at the gas station are supposedly long gone but somehow this driver managed it. Bonus: this DIY repair instantly turns the vehicle into a rolling Molotov cocktail. (DIY auto repair image via White Trash Repairs)

Turn Of The Screwed

Door handle, door knob, whatever it takes to do the job, amiright? Bonus: this handyman/woman can lock & unlock their car with the house key. (DIY auto repair image via MrConservative)  

Off Their Meds

MacGyver's got nuthin' on this driver whose brilliant repurposing of an amber pill bottle and a lidless plastic Ziploc container could fool... well, nobody but at let's at least give 'em an A for effort. (DIY auto repair image via Import Tuner Magazine)

Ditto for all the DIY demons who can make any boo-boo better while we graciously hold their collective beers!