More Chinese Farmer Innovations: Baby Buddha Pears!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you're likely familiar with the unusual phenomenon of inventive Chinese farmers. For some reason, these rural inventors are grabbing more headlines than most Chinese tech companies. Well, here's another distinguished farmer to follow in that tradition.

This particular pear producer isn't going to let any economic downturn get the best of his crop sales. His baby buddha pears are selling like hotcakes, and he's doing so well that he now hopes to take them overseas. Check the photos:

Baby Buddha Pear MoldBaby Buddha Pear Mold  
Branching Baby BuddhasBranching Baby Buddhas

Farmer Gao XianZhang has created a plastic mold that he uses to enclose each pear, and eventually the fruit will assume the shape of that mold. It's a simple enough idea, and of course it's hardly the first time that anyone has done this with some fruit. But you've got to credit Farmer Gao with coming up with a design that consumers will be attracted to.  And Chinese consumers tend to bite when it comes to this 'good luck' jazz.

Lets hope Gao is equally successful in his overseas endeavors! 

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Source (and photos): Daily Mail, via Imagine China

Sep 24, 2009
by Anonymous


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