More Cows Milked by Robots



Picture a cow being milked. Who do you picture doing the milking? The odds are good that you picture a farmer, and not a robot, but the odds are good that you would be wrong. As it turns out an increasing number of cows are being milked by robots instead of a human being.


While there are no hard numbers on the increase of the usage of the systems, since no government agency tracks the use of digital milking technology, the companies selling have reported an uptick in the amount of units sold. Consider that a five set of these units can come in at about $800,000. For a working farm that is a substantial investment in the new technology.


For now farms that are choosing the new technology because they believe that in the end it will save the famers time and money in the long run, as the milking can be controlled remotely.

Source: MPR
Image: Morgue File

Jul 3, 2013
by Anonymous

Almost 60 years ago my

Almost 60 years ago my family would visit my aunt and uncle on their farm. He did not have a robot but he did have a mechanical milking machine. I'm sure it did not cost $800k it may have been built by himself. It was basically a suction pump that turned on and off so that only 2 teats were being pumped at a time. He could do about 8 cows at a time and that was OK as he only had about 2 dozen cows. The milk was then put in a mechanical separator that was a large metal centrifuge. I only saw him milk a cow by hand once and that was only to show us children how it was done. He actually squirted milk into each of or mouths it was great fun.