More Dangers From Peanuts: The Peanut Shell Concealed Weapon Necklace

You might have thought a peanut's only about as dangerous as the symptoms of an allergy sufferer, but now there's a daring piece of jewelry that attempts to make the peanut look harmless...right before it stabs you in the back. No, really. , this isn't a case of copious wine consumption; peanuts are dangerous!

This is a fabulous Etsy find..and while I may not have gotten into the wine to make up this concept, it's always possible that the designer did! This peanut necklace is dangerous when you look below the surface; it contains a tiny pocket knife. Perhaps it's a self-defence tool designed to distract your allergy ridden assailant so he'll never see the knife coming.

...Or not, but it's still pretty funky, no?!

Via: Urban Outfitters Blog