More Fun Than PhotoShop? Create Images Anywhere With SumoPaint

Ever wish you had a copy of Photoshop on your work computer, just in case you get hit with inspiration in the middle of the work day?  If you're the type who needs image manipulation on the fly, then SumoPaint  is for you.  Version 1.0 is brand new as of January 21st, and has been getting regular updates ever since.



The most striking thing about SumoPaint's website is the overwhelming sense of community.  This is probably the greatest thing about SumoPaint.  The biggest object on the main page is a gallery of popular user-submitted pieces of digital artwork, and if you click on the "community" button, you'll find an engaging social media aspect to the site, beyond just the program itself.  Without so much as even creating your own image to display, you can jump right in to the action, as artists' profile comments and image comments are bustling throughout the site.

Once you're finished checking out how much everyone likes SumoPaint, you'll obviously want to try it out for yourself.  It takes a little while to load, but once it does, you'll be impressed.  There is a full array of Photoshop-like options to choose from.  From brushes to filters, and even full layer effects are at your disposal.  You can also input a URL to grab images from, which is really helpful for tweaking website images.  It runs in flash, so make sure you've updated before you go to give it a spin.

All in all, it's not as powerful as Photoshop, and graphic-design snobs will be quick to point that out.  But, SumoPaint is just plain FUN.  It's there whenever you need it, and it's got enough advanced options to keep you busy for a good amount of time.  Since you can export the images in any format you like, it can make for a great portable application, as well.  Since SumoPaint is so new, yet so functional and fun, we'll be expecting great things from the developers in future updates.

Austin Keenan
Guest Blogger

Austin Keenan is a college student in NJ with a background in online writing. When not blogging or producing online media for his own website, he likes to watch online videos (high quality, of course) and kick back with a brew or two.

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Feb 9, 2009
by Anonymous

or not

theres also GIMP, or even

both with communities behind them, with users creating tutorials...

Feb 9, 2009
by Anonymous


I'd never heard of this.. i'm used to using photoshop but GIMP is a great free alternative although the layout is different. I think i'd prefer this because it seems to be laid out allot like photoshop is.. and no one wants to drop $$ on a program like photoshop unless they are going to use it all the time. Great article!

Feb 11, 2009
by Anonymous

i use gimp when i'm not at

i use gimp when i'm not at my own computer but when i install it, it takes a while. and then i have to remember to uninstall it just to be polite. while this takes a bit to load, its not nearly as bad as gimp.