More Natural Skating: Sport Technology Flowboard

Surfers and snowboarders know that while skateboards offer an entertaining ride across land, they'll never offer the flow of a snowboard or surfboard. Manmade concrete simply doesn't offer the natural experience that a wave or powder brings, no matter what innovation you add to the board.

This simple fact doesn't stop manufacturers from trying to bring all that flowy, earthy goodness to the street, however. The latest product in the fray is the Sport Technology Flowboard. Instead of the typical four-wheel set-up used by every other skateboard, this thing uses 14.

That's right all those wheels in the picture above aren't a compilation shot of moving wheels, they're actual individually mounted wheels. This 14-wheel set-up is designed to offer greater flexibility in leaning and turning--making it far more like a snowboard than the average skate deck. In fact, the Flowboard claims that it riders can lean up to 45 degrees versus the typical 25 degrees of a regular skateboard. 

The Flowboard was designed to tackle the steep asphalt of San Francisco and bring a little off-season training to the snowboard masses. I've been snowboarding for about 15 years, and have never been particularly interested in picking up a skateboard, but I've got to say: this looks interesting. I'd love to see how it compares to an actual snowboard. 

The Flowboard is available in a variety of designs for $80, including Amazon.

Sport Technology also offers an opposite product of sorts--the snowskate, a board that brings skateboard styling to snow. 


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