More World Cup Excess: Soccer Ball Ice Cubes

I wasn't a fan of the HANNSoccer TV, but here's a much more sensible way of showing your dedication to the world's favorite foot-powered sport: World Cup ice. At least that's what it should be, but once you see the price tag, you'll realize that you'd have to be just as much of a dolt to buy this as the HANNSoccer.

You see, the Ice Ball Mini is much more than a plastic container with individual molds shaped like soccer balls. The Ice Ball is a fancy, two-piece aluminum contraption that heats your ice cube as opposed to freezing it. That's right the Ice Ball requires a traditional ice tray or other means for--how would soccer fans put it--an assist. Once you have your ice cube, you heat this puppy up in water and use it to melt the cube into shape. For some reason (maybe soccer fans are among the wealthiest sports fans in the world?), they're charging nearly $200 for that privilege. WTF?

Oh, and you'll get to make ice balls individually, so prepare for a headache. Here's how you'll do it:

Now you'll have to decide if you want to spend a few hundred on the Soccer Ice Cube Mold or settle for regular cubed and crushed.