SICIS: Brilliant, Sexy, Simply Divine Mosaic Shoe Bathtub

SICIS Art Factory in Milan, that creates exquisite and sexy mosaic tile murals of 1950's style Pin Ups, has announced a line of sculptured mosaic bathtubs and lamps to go with the Pin Ups. The new Pin Up line of bath and lamp accessories, along with at least one new pinup, will be unveiled at the Milan showroom April 22 to 27, 2009. We got a sneak peak from the SICIS press office today.



The shoe bathtub is divine, isn't it? I call it the nude heel. The mosaic detail on this shoe is made from very tiny glass tiles, less than a tenth of an inch each, from several regions in Italy, where centuries of glass making techniques are represented in every work in the Pin Up series.



The second sneak peak is a sexy new Pin Up from SICIS, Jessica, who will join her nine sisters in mural form. I understand from one who has seen her in person, that Jessica may be competing for size on this wall... "She is huge."

Not that her sisters are petite. These are four of Jessica's sisters from the SICIS showroom in Milan!



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SICIS, Milan Thank you, Greta!