The Moshi iVisor AG Protects Your iPhone 4 Good (And Without The Bubbles)

When it comes to screen protectors, any new addition to the current lineup available to the market is good news. At least that's what I think anyway. I'm probably not the only one out of the earth's billions of people who get extremely anal when it comes to finding the perfect cover that will not only protect my iPhone but also last for a long time as well.

The really annoying thing that I've experienced with a lot of other screen protectors that I've gone through in the past couple of months (and trust me, I have gone through quite a lot of them) is the bubbles that begin to form at the sides of the screen after a few weeks or so of use. It's bad enough that they make the iPhone look bad but it also attracts and traps a lot of dirt in those air bubbles. Well, fortunately, these will all be a thing of the past with the Moshi iVisor AG.

This one-of-a-kind screen protector is the first in the market that can be removed and re-used with ease–and without the bubbles. A great bonus is that it provides more than adequate protection for your iPhone screen without obstructing the display.

The Moshi iVisor AG is integrated with Moshi's polymer adhesive that allows repeated cleaning and re-application, while its construction is specifically engineered to provide exceptional scratch and smudge resistance, without having to compensate with decreased touchscreen sensitivity and feedback.

These are currently available at all 1,400 AT&T Wireless stores nationwide for $25. Reasonable price for a fantastic protector.

You can get the Moshi iVisor online as well here: Amazon.


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