The Moss Ring: Organic Jewelry That's Keen, Green, & Begs To Be Seen

When it comes to being environmentally conscious, some people lke to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others go one step further, wearing a living green moss and Bubinga wood ring on their finger. Now you can too, thanks to a unique collaboration between jewelry designer Cometman and Bonsai specialist Kokeya.

The ring is carved from a solid piece of Bubinga, a tropical hardwood known for its fine grain and rich, deep tone: you can find it being used as interior trim in Lexus automobiles.

The moss is of a species known as Leucobryum juniperoideum, known for its resistance to drought and for displaying an intense green tint. Visitors to Kyoto's world famous temple gardens may have seen Leucobryum moss chosen specially to enhance the beauty of these elegant gardens.

The Moss Ring is offered exclusively by Lade Store and can be ordered in ring sizes ranging from 7 to 19, all sizes selling for 6,800 yen or about $80 at current yen-dollar exchange rates.

Lade Store also offers international shipping and provides service in both Japanese and English making things easier for gift-givers hoping to give someone a green Christmas! (via TokyoMango, Spoon and Tamago, and SPGRA)

Jul 26, 2011
by carlie

OK, I must admit it caught

OK, I must admit it caught my attention, after all it's different from anything I've seen so far... I am not sure I would be willing to wear it though, I am like one of those diamond buyers when it comes to jewelry and I wouldn't wear jewelry unless it sparkles. That's just me, others might think otherwise.