Most Expensive Bike Ever?

I can't say for sure if this F1 bicycle is the most expensive bike ever made, but I sure as hell hope so. Yes, that's F1--the same F1 that's usually associated with over-juiced, ultralight, space-age race cars. But this F1 doesn't have a motor and only sports two wheels.

BERU f1systems, a motorsports engineering firm in England, recently took to designing a bicycle. Maybe they were sick of race cars, maybe the state of the economy has left a void in demand for high-tech racing technology, but whatever the case they built the "world's first bike designed and hand built by Formula one engineers". It's called the Factor 001.

Now, you just know that's going to be expensive. $10, 000? $15? Nope, if you want to own your own F1 bike, prepare to shell out £22,000 (app. $33,600). And that's just for the base model, a carbon monocoque framed beauty built (by six engineers) specifically to the buyer's measurements. The customer also gets some say as to how the bike looks and can add an engraving--that's about the least they should do on a $33,000 bike. BERU tells us it's lightweight, but unfortunately fails to provide full specs (each bike is unique after all).

BERU also offers more advanced, technological components such as a hydraulic carbon ceramic brake system and a computer with integrated GPS antenna and heart rate monitor. The computer system analyzes all types of data including routing, performance, biometrics and torque measurement.  To demonstrate that it's not just a regular bike computer, BERU mentions that it's capable of displaying data such as skin temperature, individual leg output, and atmospheric pressure and humidity.  Don't worry about a lot of unsightly wiring and electronic components, however, as those are all integrated into the frame. The computer features an LCD touchscreen for cyclist interaction.

All those electronics will cost an additional £5,000 ($7,650) for a whopping total that exceeds $40,000. You could buy a real nice car for that.

Surprisingly, given its light weight and high performance, the bicycle won't be making it to any races anytime soon. It wasn't designed with any racing regulations in mind, but it will certainly make an excellent trainer.

If you're way richer than I am and are interested in finding out a little more information, take a look at the Factor 001's minisite. The rest of us will have to be content staring at the picture.

Via: World Car Fans

Feb 26, 2010
by Anonymous

Litespeed blade

I think Litespeed Blade is at ball park with this bike. That's no diamond, no gold ...
Just lightweight frame and wheels

Apr 16, 2010
by Anonymous


very beautifullllllll...........................................................................................................

Oct 28, 2010
by Anonymous


WTF seriously.... This is ridicolous...hydraulic carbon ceramic brake system and a computer with integrated GPS antenna and heart rate monitor on a bike... that's a bit of overkill even for professional guys. Ah i get it; it's for compensating the ultralight carbon monocoque frame. For $33,600 it better be able to fetch my newspaper and make some damn good sadwiches. who the hell needs a F1-bike anyway?