Tuck In To The World's Most Expensive Cupcake

Dubai has long been seen as the epitomy of extravagance and overindulgence. Why? Well. Because it's true. And if there was ever anything to cement this city's reputation as a haven for the world's more financially well endowed inhabitants, it is the Golden Phoenix Cupcake, complete with the world's most expensive chocolate - Amedei Porcelana!

Yes, whilst Dubai's Burj Khalifa stands above all of the world's buildings and cost a staggering $1,500,000,000 to build, a cupcake worth $1,045 surely deserves some attention as well. Launched by Bloomsbury in Dubai, the Golden Phoenix has prompted even the richest of jaws to drop, and this is far from shocking since it uses real gold leaf, as well as the world's most expensive chocolate.

One expensive cupcakeOne expensive cupcake

As can be seen below, the process behind the world's most expensive cupcake is as time consuming as it is decadent. With the utmost attention to detail applied during every stage, when the Golden Phoenix is complete, gold dust and all, it is a phenomenal sight. A $1,045 phenomenal sight? No chance! But phenomenal nonetheless.

The star of the Golden Phoenix show is Amedei Porcelana - the world's most expensive chocolate. This chocolate stems from extremely unique coffee beans, and with Amedei being the only Italian chocolate boutique to supervise every stage of its chocolate's journey, from bean to bar, the resulting product is pure luxury. Only the finest Porcelana cocoa beans - so named because of their white porcelain-colored exteria - are used to make this indulgent treat. Single bars of Amedei Porcelana have been known to sell for up to $18.99, making it no surprise that the world's most expensive cupcake has this showstopping chocolate at its foundation. 

Porcelana cocoa beans in their podsPorcelana cocoa beans in their pods

But wait we are not done! Amedei Porcelana chocolate is also involved in other eye-watering desserts, such as the Guiness World Record-setting Golden Opulence Sundae seen in the video below. The sundae, priced at $1,000, comes in a very special baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet, which the customer can keep (well that's the least they could do). Again using gold leaf, the sundae is carefully constructed so as to please even the most insanely discerning of ice cream fans.

Amedei Porcelana chocolate is an example of sheer passion and a desire to achieve the best. The Tuscany-based chocolate boutique, whilst not a particularly large operation, takes meticulous care to optimize each aspect of its lip-smacking offering. And what better showcase for this taste bud-tingling delight than the decadent desserts seen above.

Whilst you may have to swing by Dubai or Washington for the Golden Phoenix and the Golden Opulence Sundae respectively, the Amedei Porcelana chocolate used to make these bordering-on-ridculous desserts can be purchased here, with reviews of the product also available. And should you come up with any other extravagant uses for it, we want to know!

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