Most Expensive USB Memory Key Saves Data, Drains Wallets


Japan's Solid Alliance may be the king of USB flash drive retailers but the company's   execs have decided that's not good enough - they're now charging a king's ransom for a thumb drive so exclusive you can thumb your nose at all and sundry.

Yes, it takes the princely sum of one million yen - about $10,000 - to buy the Mnemosyne USM Memory. Professionally hand-crafted from solid aluminum buffed to a mirror finish, the Mnemosyne owes its striking good looks to Milan-based Italian Design Studio Toshi Satoji Design.

It holds a very respectable 16GB of data... that is, once you break down the 3" square cube to access the actual USB key ensconced at its center.

Part Rubik's Cube, part jigsaw puzzle and part Borg starship, the Mnemosyne USB Memory is definitely like nothing you've ever seen before and obviously that's a big part of its allure.

Is it worth ten grand, though? Depends... on who you want to impress. If the answer is "everyone", then Solid Alliance would very much like to hear from you. (via Asiajin and MyCom)

Oct 4, 2009
by Anonymous

best way to wast yur money

whoops I lost it. thier goes 10 grand on a small little thing. This is an insult to the consumers do they actually believe we are that dumb? seriously. who in thier right mind would pay 10 grand for this thing when u can get the same thing for around 50 bucks.