Most Scandalous Geeky Gadget: Peripheral Pants, The Wearable Keyboard

Wearable geeky gadgets have been taken to new levels with the appearance of the Peripheral Pants, a wacky wearable keyboard fashion that is certainly scandalous in its design.

The weird and wacky wearable gadget is built into a pair of fashionable designer jeans; it boasts a built-in keyboard, mouse, and computer speakers that play audio at knee height. The keyboard is wireless, and while it may just look like a graphic design on the pants, will work with any laptop or desktop computer. Take a look at the picture, and you will have no doubts about why this is the most scandalous geeky gadget designed to date.

If you're impressed by this strange fashion item, unfortunately, you won't be able to get your hands on your own keyboard pants just yet. The fashionable gadget, named The Beauty and the Geek jeans, were created by product design student Erik De Nijs from Holland for a school project which required him to combine two brand items to create a new product. In part, he designed the Peripheral Pants to allow computer users more freedom of movement, but the main objective was to create a functional fashion meets technology item that would be seen as weird and wacky, and not necessarily a practical design.

With so much buzz on the internet, the wacky wearable keyboard pants may soon be imitated if the designer has not patented the fashion. No word on if personal hygiene is a realistic expectation with this wearable gadget, since all technological components are built in.

Geeky gadget lovers and fashionistas alike, would you wear the most scandalous geeky wearable gadget we've seen so far?

Via: Wired and Gizmodo

Apr 4, 2009
by Anonymous


Hey those pants are the coolest ever. Definitely a must have. I would like to make references to them on my website. And if you can be a doll and exchange blog rolls with me that would be great too.


Apr 4, 2009
by Anonymous

so why not use the keyboard

so why not use the keyboard on the damn laptop???

Apr 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Funny. Now those nerds that

Funny. Now those nerds that everyone made fun of in the 70s and 80s are the richest men and women in the world. Now you work under them. Funny how things work out, don't you think? New generation will out-perform the last by infinite proportions. (How did you even pass the Anti-Bot math question anyways?)

The pants are nice, however, the style of them and the material isn't something I would wear. Maybe if they were designed more similar to Tripp jeans then I would consider purchasing a pair. Good job though.

Apr 6, 2009
by Anonymous

i gonna make my own

I just read my last comment and i sound like an idiot but the info is correct
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May 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Only problem is...

The only problem with the keyboard pants is that the keyboard is upside down. The keyboard should be rotated 180 degrees. That would make social netdorking a lot more fun fo sho!

May 24, 2009
by Anonymous


HAHA! I don't think it would work out if the person was gaming. :P It would be awesome if the keys lighted up. BONUS!! haha.

Jun 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Daemir Silverstreak Speaks

I speak for my sisters and brothers in the intelectual perverts guild as well as for myself when I say I whould wear thoes pants in public. Now all I need is a computer that is a backpack and a visor......