10 Helpful Gadgets For Boomer Moms & Grandma

Heck. We all age and, even if we feel young, aging may restrict us physically in doing things we did when we were younger.  Arthritis, sore feet, bad knees... one thing or another seems to slow us down after awhile.  Fortunately, many gadgets are available that enable us to achieve the same results we did when we were younger... maybe one of these will look like it will help your boomer mom or granny feel groovy again.


1. Short Term Memory Gadget: WayBack

You don't have to have Alzheimer's disease to need WayBack; short term memory is a challenge for everyone of a certain age -- ever hear about 'senior moments?'  Heck, even when I was 20, I could never remember where I parked.  WayBack is a GPS system for people on foot.  It will help your Mom or Grandmom retrace her steps whether she's shopping, sight-seeing, at a stadium, hiking... no matter where she's roamed, she won't get lost. (UPDATE: The Wayback is no longer available. Try the BackTrack instead.))



2. Arthritic Hands Helper: The Best Electric Can Opener

Hopefull, Grandma isn't still opening cans with a hand-twist opener, but if she is, you'd better get her the Best Electric Can Opener from Hammacher Schlemmer. It has stood up to Hammacher's various performance tests and been compared to a range of top-selling can openers.  The "Best" did not drop the cans when it finished opening them, it left the rims round and smooth to prevent the user from cutting her fingers, it easily attached to the cans and centered them, and it did it's job quickly on cans of various sizes and shapes. Come to think of it, maybe you should replace Grandma's electric can opener with this one anyway! (Update: This Opener is no longer available. Try the West Bed Can Opener which gets awesome reviews. )

The Best Electric Can OpenerThe Best Electric Can Opener



3.  Better Hearing Gadget: DirectTalk Personal Listener

As your hearing starts to go, it's always most difficult to hear when there's more than one source of sound.  But with the DirectTalk Personal Listener, you can focus your mikes just by turning your body.  Use it to enhance personal communication, or to amplify your cell phone, MP3, TV, or movie dialogue.  There's a tone enhancement feature to accentuate or dull certain speech frequencies, as well as a protective gain control that prevents the user for being blasted by sudden loud sounds in the environment.  Ear buds are reportedly super-comfortable. (See Listener)


DirectTalk Personal AmplifierDirectTalk Personal Amplifier


4.  Back Pain Gadget: The Perfect Fit Back Brace

This back support contours to the shape of your torso and back to maintain proper compression on your lower vertebrae.  The Perfect Fit Back Brace provides relief from lower back pain and improves spinal stability.  It also makes you stand and sit straight.  All adjustments can be made from the from the front of the brace, which is thin and flexible enough to allow you to move through your daily activities.(UPDATE: The Perfect Fit is no longer available. The Mueller Back Brace may be a good alternative.)

Perfect Fit Back BracePerfect Fit Back Brace


5. Security Gadget: Instant Cell Phone Back-Up

Today, everyone is lost without their cell phones, so when cell phones are lost we naturally become frantic.  It's not the just the phone, but all the information on it.  The Instant Cell Phone Back-Up is the answer to your prayers if you copy your Sim card onto it before you lose your cell phone.  Make your Mom a copy and make a copy of her information for yourself.  Backup your own cell phone with the Back-Up.  It holds 1000 numbers and has an 8-language display.  It's even password protected. (UPDATE: This item is no longer available.)


Instant Cell Phone Back-UpInstant Cell Phone Back-Up