10 Helpful Gadgets For Boomer Moms & Grandma

6.  Foot Pain Gadget: YogaToes

Don't laugh. The YogaToes actually do help people with bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fascitis - foot things that many women get after wearing high heels for years.  While YogaToes are uncomfortable at first, they help your toes align and stretch, and lead to greater foot comfort.  YogaToes can be placed in the freezer or microwave to give your toes different treats.  They are lifetime guaranteed.  (Don't fall for the copy-toes.)(See Yoga Toes)




7. Balance Helper Gadget: Touch Free Trash Can

There are lots of reasons to love this Touch Free Trash Can, not the least of which is the pretty stainless steel will stay clean and shiny without finger prints all over it.  But face it, having to lift with one hand and toss with the other can unbalance one, even temporarily, and foot openers are just as off-setting. The Touch Free Trash Can has infrared motion-sensor technology that senses motion within ten inches of the lid. (See Trash Can)


Touch Free Trash CanTouch Free Trash Can



8. Headache Pain Gadget: IMAK Eye Mask

The IMAK Eye Mask contains ergoBeads, and I'm not sure exactly what they are, but when you put the Eye Mask on, they move very gently and massage your eyes.  The Mask, which can be heated or cooled, can relieve sinus, migraine, and stress headaches, but they are also just simply relaxing. (See IMAK)


IMAK Eye MaskIMAK Eye Mask



9. Reaching & Picking Up Gadget: Deluxe Gopher III

The Gophers pick up tools have had a good reputation since they first came out, but the new Deluxe Gopher III has been improved. It's a sturdier gadget and it now has a locking hinge and an LED light near the gripper for hard-to-see objects. The Gopher III also folds for easy storage. (See Gopher III)


 Deluxe Gopher IIIDeluxe Gopher III


10. Arthritic Knee Gadget: The Arthritis Pain Relieving Knee Wrap

Even though there appears to be a man's leg in the photo, the Arthritis Pain Relieving Knee Wrap comes in unisex sizes, so there's one that's sure to fit your favorite boomer mom.  Since hips and knees get tired of holding us up as we age, there are plenty of us that can use the support of this flexible knee brace that facilitates blood flow, reduces swelling, and improves mobility of the knee - thereby, relieving pain.  The wrap has a special lining that 'wicks away moisture' to keep the wearer comfortable. (See Knee Wrap)


Arthritis Pain Relieving Knee WrapArthritis Pain Relieving Knee Wrap


Of course, you'll want to make sure that your boomer Mom or Grandma is not insulted by any of the above gifts, so present them lovingly... and carefully. Most importantly, bring joy to your boomer Mom or Grandma on her special days!

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