Top Ten Technology Gifts Ideas for Mother's Day

That special day when we honor those who brought us into this world is almost upon us. For some, gone are the days where a gift of flowers and chocolate is enough to suffice. If your mother is anything like mine, then she's getting increasingly digital. Keeping with the spirit of Technocentric , I bring you the ultimate gift guide for the tech-savvy mother.

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 10: A PanTouch touch-screen digital photo frame by Pandigital

My mother's number one complaint when we switched from a standard film-based camera to a digital camera was, and I quote, "but I never see the pictures once the vacation is over!" With digital cameras becoming increasingly affordable, more and more families are joining in the digital age and recording their memories on flash-based media - not film. If your mother suffers from the same fears as mine, a Pandigital touch-screen photo frame will go a long way towards alleviating her angst.

The PanTouch series contains three sizes of photo frames with varying amounts of built-in storage and screen display capability. However, connectivity to the device from your camera or memory card is a snap. The PanTouch line looks smart, has a great feature set, and is affordable. The perfect combination to alleviate mother's fears over her pictures disappearing into the void that is the family computer. (Buy here .)

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 9: iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot

As time goes by, we try and cram more and more into our already time-deprived lives. Chores, work boiling over from the office into the home life, and even the weekend to-do list all are making greater demands on our time. Time is perhaps the greatest gift you could give any busy mother. Since we haven't invented a workable time machine yet, we'll have to settle from finding newer and more creative ways to trim excess tasks from our day in order to take back that precious time.

House chores? Who will actually say that they wish they had done more cleaning when they are at their deathbed (incidentally, that's another one of my mother's favorite phrases)? Manual vacuuming? How droll! Give your mother the gift of a robotic helper to do the vacuuming for her! The little guy can be programmed to go to work when no one's home, vacuums, and returns himself to the base station for recharging. Never have to vacuum your own house again! (Buy here

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 8: Netgear Skype Phone

Live far away from home and your mother? As long as she has a high-speed internet connection, you can get her set up with a free Skype account and then set her up with one of these beauties. The Skype cordless phone from Netgear is a great way for her to use the emerging VoIP technology in a way that may be more familiar to her. Sure you could get VoIP service from your local cable provider and use a standard telephone, but you will definitely be paying more per month for that service than you will for Skype - especially if she can call you on your own Skype account. Save cell phone minutes, long distance charges, and heartache by using Skype to communicate with your mother on her special day. (Buy here .)

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 7: TiVo HD TiVo HD at Amazon

My mother is a veritable wealth of information on new and wonderful television shows. The day she received her TiVo was the day she felt liberated from the evil dictator that is live TV programming. If your mother is a television aficionado, or even if she just likes to follow one or two shows, the TiVo is an invaluable addition to any home. No longer do you have to watch your favorite shows when the station says they are on. No longer do you have to miss that great play in the game because you were in the other room frantically trying to refresh the bean-dip (don't be a hero), simply use your TiVo to rewind time and see that action again.

On top of its wonderful properties for watching TV, TiVo has evolved into so much more. Now with the ability to listen to podcasts, get weather and traffic information, and download movies from's Unbox service, TiVo has become a new home media center that can even play music and videos from your home computer. (Buy here)

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 6: iPod FM Transmitter

I'm not proud of this little fact, but my mother had an iPod even before I did. With a commute in to work every day that nets her almost two hours in the car, she was delighted to be able to use her iPod to help pass all that boring "windshield time." Being a fan of talk radio, the biggest perk here for her was the ability to listen to her podcasts while driving and no longer have to wait until she was home. If your mom has an iPod, consider an FM Transmitter to help her get more use out of the brilliant device. (Buy here. )

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 5:Motorola HS850 Bluetooth Ear Piece

Cell phones have become almost ubiquitous these days. My mother, once a crier of "Cell phones are one of the many tools of the devil," now happily carries a Motorola handset herself. Why not get your mom something nice to help her use that communications device more efficiently? As an added bonus, she'll be safer while driving and talking. The Motorola HS850 has been an exemplary choice in the bluetooth ear piece category. Comfortable, easy to use, and compatible with a wide array of cellular phones, it's an overall great choice. (Buy here.)

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 4: Rule the Web, by Mark Frauenfelder

I've bought this book for several family members now, including my mother. Rule the Web: How to Do Anything and Everything on the Internet---Better, Faster, Easier , by Mark Frauenfelder, is a great book that will make your internet usage leaner, meaner, and more effective AND efficient. Find new and easier ways to perform the tasks you are already doing on the 'net and learn completely new uses for the wonderful interwebs. The added bonus - your mother will learn how to browse the internet free of viruses and spyware/malware. You'll never have to perform the annual cleanup and immunization at Thanksgiving again!  (Buy here)

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 3: Gorillapod

The one thing that can make your mother's digital camera experience that much better? A Gorillapod by Joby. This great camera tripod is able to be bent and manipulated into a any shape necessary to steady a digital camera for taking pictures. Even use the legs to wrap around a tree branch, bar, or other protrusion for the ultimate in convenience. Especially useful outdoors. Joby makes models both for point-and-shoot cameras as well as for DSLRs. (Buy here. )

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 2: 1 Year Pro subscription to Flickr

By now most people have heard of Flickr. I've been a Pro member for several years now. If your mother suffers from the same "disappearing photo anxiety" as mine, then Flickr is a great way to share those most recent vacation photos, or the pictures of the new baby. Simply get her an account, which at the time of this writing cost $25 for a year, show her how to use the easy web interface, and she's off! My mother particularly enjoys organizing photos into albums and noting who is in each one, the year it was taken, and where. Imagine the fun she'd have with Flickr's Geo tagging features! Now to get her that person GPS device so she can determine the exact latitude and longitude for each of her shots.

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 1: Amazon Kindle

And coming in as the number one gift idea for our tech-savvy mothers out there, an Amazon Kindle! Newspapers, magazines, blogs, books, the Kindle does them all. So no matter what your mother likes to read, hook her up with one of these and watch as she becomes a super-informed, well read, ...version of her old self. She needn't connect to the internet through her computer to do her reading any longer, the Kindle connects directly to a special Amazon store using its own wireless connectivity - no Wi-Fi required. The price tag is still a little steep sitting right at $399, but isn't your mother worth it? (Buy here .)

There you have it folks, ten gift ideas for that tech-savvy mother in your life. Are there others you'd add to a list like this? I'm always in the business of collecting gift ideas, leave yours in the comments.

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