Top Ten Technology Gifts Ideas for Mother's Day

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 3: Gorillapod

The one thing that can make your mother's digital camera experience that much better? A Gorillapod by Joby. This great camera tripod is able to be bent and manipulated into a any shape necessary to steady a digital camera for taking pictures. Even use the legs to wrap around a tree branch, bar, or other protrusion for the ultimate in convenience. Especially useful outdoors. Joby makes models both for point-and-shoot cameras as well as for DSLRs. (Buy here. )

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 2: 1 Year Pro subscription to Flickr

By now most people have heard of Flickr. I've been a Pro member for several years now. If your mother suffers from the same "disappearing photo anxiety" as mine, then Flickr is a great way to share those most recent vacation photos, or the pictures of the new baby. Simply get her an account, which at the time of this writing cost $25 for a year, show her how to use the easy web interface, and she's off! My mother particularly enjoys organizing photos into albums and noting who is in each one, the year it was taken, and where. Imagine the fun she'd have with Flickr's Geo tagging features! Now to get her that person GPS device so she can determine the exact latitude and longitude for each of her shots.

Great Gadget Gift for Mom 1: Amazon Kindle

And coming in as the number one gift idea for our tech-savvy mothers out there, an Amazon Kindle! Newspapers, magazines, blogs, books, the Kindle does them all. So no matter what your mother likes to read, hook her up with one of these and watch as she becomes a super-informed, well read, ...version of her old self. She needn't connect to the internet through her computer to do her reading any longer, the Kindle connects directly to a special Amazon store using its own wireless connectivity - no Wi-Fi required. The price tag is still a little steep sitting right at $399, but isn't your mother worth it? (Buy here .)

There you have it folks, ten gift ideas for that tech-savvy mother in your life. Are there others you'd add to a list like this? I'm always in the business of collecting gift ideas, leave yours in the comments.