Motion Activated Earbuds From Sony Ericsson Are Controlled By Your Movement

Sony Ericsson has introduced the new MH907 Motion Activated Headphones. While these earbuds aren't quite as cool as the Kokoro device that tailors playlists to your activities, motion activated earbuds provide a new level of ease-of-use.

Using SE's SensMe Control technology, use is simple: pop the earbuds in your ears to listen to music; pop them out to automatically pause it. So when you notice someone mouthing something in your direction, you won't have to fumble around your pocket or bag to find your player. Instead, seamlessly pull out a bud and automatically focus on what he's saying, while pausing your song on the spot. The earbuds work the same way for phone calls--pop one in, take a call, then pull it out when you're done to hang up.

While it may be only a slight technological advance, motion activated headphones should provide an excellent advantage to a variety of users. Athletes like runners and cyclists could certainly benefit from being able to quickly pop out an earbud and tune in to their surroundings. The average user at work or on the street could similarly benefit from the quick, pain-free pause function. 

On the other hand, as described, these earbuds would be impossible to listen to with just one in. When performing sports such as snowboarding or biking, it can pay to keep one headphone out to have an ear out for other people and hazards of the environment. It seems these would eliminate that possibility. And is hitting the pause button or missing part of your song really that big of a deal?

The MH907 headphones will be available for $55 later this week. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll need a Sony Ericsson phone with fast port connector to enjoy the earbuds. 

What do you think--cool new problem-solving technology or unnecessary, intrusive advance that we didn't really need? 

SE via Dvice 

Sep 29, 2009
by Anonymous

Maybe it's smart

Maybe it's smart and lets you push Play while you have one earbud in, meaning that just that once one earbud is enough to continue playing?