Motion Tracking Web Camera Makes It Risky To Teleconference While Naked

It's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a level of privacy when holding a teleconference online.

It used to be that web-cams were static little things that sat on your monitor and sent fuzzy black-and-white, glitch filled images across the ether to friends on the other side of the globe.  You could be sitting in your Spiderman Underoos, hung-over and nursing a morning cocktail in hopes of regaining some sense of what it feels like to not be in excruciating pain-and nobody on the receiving end would be able to see anything but your face, which would be carefully cultivated into a visage of a business professional.

That can happen no longer, my friends.  Um... not that I would know what that experience would be like...

BlueJay's BCP-401 Motion Tracking Web Camera has put an end to my days of business meetings in my underwear.  For that, the world should rejoice.

The BCP-401 pans up to 180°and tilts up to 60°.  Check out this video:

It's kind'a cute.

Video is captured at 30 frames-per-second with a resolution of 640 x 480.  The tiny camera is equipped with a 4x zoom lens.  A built-in microphone supplies audio input.

It can also be controlled from any location worldwide via the Internet.  This makes for quite a nice, hidden-in-plain-sight surveillance device for when you're travelling abroad.  Even cooler is the camera's ability to e-mail you whenever motion is detected-though if you have a pet, that may be something that would flood your e-mail account in no time.

The BC-401 requires Window XP or Vista and (obviously) a high-speed Internet connection.

Here's my nightmare: I drop something on the floor during a teleconference.  I stand, turn, bend, and pick it up.  And broadcast my lily white little butt to my client because the efficient little BC-401 has panned with all of my movements.  Gah!

I would either lose the clients or get donations from them for butt cheek implants.

Get the BC-401 Motion Tracking Web Camera at Hummacher Schlemmer for some way cool panning and tilting action during your teleconferences!