Motopeds Survival Bike Black Ops Edition Offers Survivability With Style

Looking for a motorized bicycle with the looks of a survivalist bike and the guts to back it up? Then look no further than the Motopeds Survival Bike Black Ops Edition, a nifty DIY conversion kit that'll keep you rolling before, during & after the zombie apocalypse arrives.

The manufacturer deines the motoped as  “downhill mountain bike meets moped; an e-bike alternative with with attitude”, and the new Motopeds Survival Bike Black Ops Edition is the poster child for just such an homage.

While Motopeds offers a wide range of DIY add-ons and accessories enabling handy types to build boss bikes from mild to wild, the Motopeds Survival Bike Black Ops Edition is a full-featured kit based on the standard Motoped.

From that already impressive starting point, Motopeds adds a crossbow, carabiners, a survival shovel, a harpoon, a blade saw, an axe, a climbing rope, a flashlight, two gas packs and more!

Powering this and other, less intimidating Motoped models is a 4-stroke horizontal OHV motor displacing from 49cc to 155cc. A patented system combining the engine drive with the pedal drive plus a custom frame and swing arm delivers a unique crossover two-wheeler that's affordable, fun to ride, gets great (90-120 mpg) gas mileage, is environmentally friendly, runs quietly and requires minimal maintenance. Betcha those zombies will want this bike more than the rider's brains! (via Bless This Stuff and StupidDope)