Motorola Hint Is A Tiny Discreet Bluetooth Headset Worth Checking Out

Ok, let's just get this out of the way, traditional Bluetooth headset are ugly and, like, so 2005. Disregard the fact that they are extremely helpful and convenient when driving or when your hands are full,  you simply couldn't wear one without looking like a wanna-be secret agent.  Thankfully, companies have realized this and are coming out with better designs these days. Motorola is one of those companies and has recently released a stylish and very discreet BT headset called, appropriately, the Hint.

Color options available from MotorolaColor options available from Motorola

The Motorola Hint is extremely small with no visible chunk of plastic or LED lighting protruding from your ear. The Hint actually fits into your ear canal similar to how a low-profile hearing aid looks when inserted within the ear canal. The tech that Motorola was able to cram into this little device is pretty impressive, as well. The Hint features: a speaker (obviously), a touch-sensitive panel, the battery, the IR BlueTooth sensor, and a dual noise-cancelling microphone. Not bad for something that can fit discreetly in your ear.

Charging hub includedCharging hub included

The battery on the Hint will last you for about 15 hours, but if you're on the go and need a quick charge, never fear; the Hint comes with a small docking station that allows you to charge the device while continuing on with your life. The Hint is not limited to use with Motorola phones and can connect easily with any Android or iOS smartphone.

The Hint is currently retailing for $129.99, but you can find the original version (only allows for approximately 10 hours on a single charge) on Amazon for $99, and it still includes the charging hub. If you prefer the ease-of-use that goes along with BlueTooth headsets, but hate the way they traditionally have looked, then the Hint might be right up your alley.


Photo credits: Motorola

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