Motorola Moto G Offers A Solid Low-End Smartphone

When Google purchased Motorola, their intentions were a little bit unclear. Why would a powerhouse like Google want to buy out Motorola, a struggling company? It seems that today's announcement and soft launch sheds some light on the acquisition. Meet the Moto G, a high powered Android phone for a low price.

Motorola GMotorola G

Over the past couple of years, Google has had a reputation for offering sub-par Android operated, low end phones. I'm sure you've heard the complaints, "My phone keeps crashing." or "My phone is so laggy." This is due to the processors used on past iterations of Android operated phones. While high-end (and high cost!) phones are usually equipped with dual and quad core processors that operate at fast speeds, the often forgotten low-end phones have been cursed with slower, and outdated, hardware.

This has been a thorn in Google's side for too long now. The Moto G is here to, supposedly, right the wrongs of the past. Offering a quad-core processor, the G should offer snappy response when scrolling through screens. It will also be able to handle a common problem found in low-end Android devices: multi-tasking. The ability to handle multi-tasking has a lot to do with the processor, and with the quad-core in the Moto G, users should be able to quickly switch from browsing Facebook to checking email to making a phone call. All on a crisp 4.5" HD display.

Early pricing rumors are saying that the Moto G will be available for retail at the extremely low price of $199, without a contract. Much lower than high-end Android devices and iPhones, that normally run $550-$650 without a contract.

This isn't the first time an Android device has claimed to alleviate the lag normally found in their low-end devices, but it is the first time the phone seems to have the internals to back up the claims. The device is currently available in Brazil and parts of Europe, but the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer to see if Google and Motorola can live up to the claims; the phone releases in early January 2014 worldwide.

Source: Motorola