Motorola's New Mobile TV With Touchscreen

Motorola has been making the headlines recently, alright, but not for the right reasons. Amidst the back-and-forth on their upcoming reorganization, the electronics and communications giant slipped the news of their upcoming MobileTV DH02 device to the media without fanfare. The company displayed a previous model lacking the touchscreen functionality, the DH01, at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of this year.

The device sports a 4.3 inch display screen capable of 480x272 resolution pictures and up to twenty-five frames per second. I'm not sure if this equals "...stunning digital video quality," as the press release states, but it does offer promise at least. The DH02 will have a five minute frame buffering capability, allowing for live pause and time shifting of TV channels. The touchscreen's interface will have "...intuitive click, drag and scroll icon-based menus." It also supports auto-flipping the picture from portrait to landscape view natively.

The DH02 entices further with its integrated GPS system for personal navigation. The press release claims it will have voice assisted navigation with points of interest, relevant content, real-time traffic updates, and even speed alerts (do we really want speed alerts?). To round out the feature set we have bluetooth support, HSDPA and GPRS connectivity, and the ability to load personal content via microSD card. It's interesting to note that the DH01 was able to record video. There's no such statement in the press release for the DH02.

My hat off to Motorola, who released this announcement almost on top of that of their reorganization. Hopefully the DH02 represents the first in a new line of intriguing consumer focused gadgets from the US-based communications and technology giant.