Mount Your iPad Anywhere With Mount Me Freedom

Tired of having to prop up your iPad on your legs or on some other surface when you're using it? Using odds and ends that you find on your table to position it upright when your hands get sore? Look no further because the Mount Me Freedom has arrived.

Pop in your iPad into the special case that is equipped with a quick release so you can quickly and easily get your device off the mount. It also comes with suction cups so you can stick the mount up on any smooth surfaces.

It certainly provides much needed relief for your limbs, especially if you're addicted to using your iPad. Although I find the name a little bit strange (they probably came up with that to generate more curiousity and press; frankly, I think it worked), the Mount Me Freedom itself actually looks like a pretty nifty and clever device.

The Mount Me Freedom also comes with an articulating stand where you can adjust the angle of the iPad for your viewing (or gaming or surfing) pleasure.

Here are the many places that you can mount the Mount Me on:

Check out this video of the Mount Me Freedom in action by the co-founder of the company:


She doesn't really sound happy or excited when she's talking about the Mount Me. (We wonder why..)

Anyway, you can pre-order the Mount Me Freedom today and avail of a 10% discount right here: Mount Me


Aug 14, 2011
by Anonymous


Of course I am excited!!!! We have worked really hard to bring consumers a unique Ipad mount. I was just nervous bc it was my first time in front of a camera. Thank you for reviewing our product!
Tracy Calvert
MounMe LLC