Mouse Hand Warmer

Do your hands get cold while using your mouse? Apparently it’s a big problem, a problem that was solved by IGM Products with the Mouse Hand Warmer. So if you ever find yourself in the artic and you have to use your computer outside, your hand can still be warm. In their words it’s the computer mouse companion.


Mouse Hand WarmerMouse Hand Warmer


The relatively simple design is a sleeve that acts as if your laying under a warm blanket on a cold winter night. Another great thing about this product is that it doesn’t use electricity, just straight up blanket power. It’s also easy to clean. Just hand wash and let it air dry.

Pulled directly from their website at

“The Mouse Hand Warmer is an energy and cost efficient way to keep your mouse hand warm during chilly weather or whenever you feel your mouse hand getting cold.”


Mouse Hand WarmerMouse Hand Warmer

Simply put, if your hand tends to get cold while using the mouse, get the Mouse Hand Warmer by IGM Products. You can also find the Mouse Hand Wamer at Amazon.

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