Mouseless Mouse Shown Off at CES

Mouseless MouseMouseless Mouse

Have you ever looked down at your mouse and wished that you did not have to use it. Maybe you want to conduct your PC with your bare hands. If you do then the folks over at Leap have just the thing for you. The company, which does not seem to have anything to do with the popular Leap named products that are made for children.

The machine that Leap is making. dubbed the Leap Motion is a three by one inch box that is designed to help people use their machines with hand controls. It tracks the movement of all ten of your fingers at the same time.The system got a debut at the Consumer Electronics Show recently, and they are going to be releasing this spring on a yet to be determined date. The system is on pre-order right now, and it will be in Best Buy after it has been released. The system will cost about $70, not including taxes and shipping.

Image Source:  Leap