Mouth Watering Fashion Comes To Life With Chocolate Clothing

Until recently, chocolate has simply been a sweet indulgence. Now chocolate is a material used to create other items that typically aren't meant for eating, including clothing. These innovative, strange and delicious fashion items will make your mouth water.

Ideal fashion is functional and attractive. Chocolate clothing may not be the former, but it is attractive as well as delicious. has created edible chocolate clothing, which has been featured during fashion runway shows in the United States. In February 2007 the Food Network also featured a "covered in chocolate" week, which challenged top chefs to make attractive, wearable chocolate clothing.

Chocolate clothing might create a new temptation when it comes to high fashion, but at least it gives its wearer an easy snack when they get hungry. However, wearers beware, because indulge too much in tasting the chocolate clothing, and you might transform an outfit from modest to scandalous in just a few delicious bites. Although, it is also an easy and indulgent way to alter a fashion piece when the style becomes boring; and no seamstress is required!

Chocolate clothing, like many other fashion pieces that appear on the high fashion runways, certainly isn't practical for day-to-day life. While there's no doubting that chocolate clothing is tasty and unique, fans of the chocolate fashion may find themselves exercising indecent exposure when the unique fashion cracks under pressure or melts away on hot days.

Chocolate clothing is a delicious alternative to comfortable cottons, and it's making its mark on the world of fashion and edible clothing through its attractively delicious designs.