Move Over Grilled Cheese - Bourbon Chocolate Slices Have Hit The Scene

I have to admit, chocolate is my passion (along with caramel, ice cream, etc, etc, etc). I thought I had come up with every possible way to incorporate chocolate into my day-to-day routine, but it would seem that the Japanese have made it even easier. Can you imagine chocolate, packaged in the same way as conventional processed cheese slices? Yes, that’s what the innovative people at Japanese company, Bourbon, have created.



The slices look to be roughly the same size and shape as cheese slices and are wrapped individually in similar cellophane film. They come five to a pack and contain a chocolate type called Nama. The chocolate substance is said to be made by mixing cream with chocolate (sounds like what we would typically refer to as ganache). The flavor is reportedly deeper than ordinary milk chocolate and less sugary than fudge.



Bourbon Chocolate Slices appear to melt easily and, when solid, can be cut, folded and shaped into various configurations. The workable nature of the slices is likely due to the inclusion of the cream, as regular chocolate would be more brittle and takes a bit more effort to melt.



While those living in Japan can find the Bourbon Chocolate Slices on supermarket shelves, for now all the rest of us can do is either pine away or order online from the Bourbon website. A note of caution, the Bourbon website sells the packages in batches of twelve, which may be more than you want to spend to give them a try. Can you really put a price on pure happiness though?

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