Move Over Elton; Britain Gets A Mini Rocketman

No, not a flamboyantly dressed little person. Though I don't doubt for a second that one (many?) exist. This Mini Rocketman is a new concept car that simply seeps Great Britain from every window and tailpipe. Because not only is it a Mini concept, and not only does it share a name with one of Britain's most famous recording artists, but it also has a little light show on the roof that creates an LED Union Jack if and when the driver feels a particular sense of kinship to his home island.

The Rocketman also packs plenty more than kitschy, patriotic flair. The small car measures just 135 inches in length but manages to seat four comfortably with a series of four seats that can be configured in various ways to create the most comfortable cabin for your particular entourage. And since stuffing four inside of the Mini will take up much of your interior space, there's a pull-out trunk drawer in back that lets you pull load your haul even when the cabin is jam-packed. Passengers get in and out through the wide, double-hinged doors.

The car light thanks not only to its small size, but also thanks to its lightweight construction. The car sits on a carbon spaceframe that is visible around the lower part of the exterior and inside the cabin for visual effect. The feather-light commuter offers nearly 80 miles to the gallon. 

Interesting exterior features include the ringed LED headlamps, the "trapezoidal stirrup", LED taillights and the lightweight, 18-inch wheels.

Inside, the Mini is designed to be a smart, connected urban commuter. One interesting feature is a removable control panel. You can pull the unit out of the car, upload music, directions, contact information, etc. from the convenience of your computer and then slide it back into the car for your trip. A trackball and series of controls on the steering wheel lets drivers access all the driving and entertainment information without ever having to pull a hand off the wheel. The concept also uses a 3D display similar to that of the Vision ConnectedDrive concept of BMW, Mini's parent company. 

The car will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. If you don't plan on stopping by Switzerland, you can take a tour via the short clip below. 

Via: BMW Blog