Move Over World of Warcraft, Hello Kitty Online is Here!

Today Hello Kitty Online, tomorrow the World (of Warcraft)... Sweetness superpower Sanrio of Japan, creators of the omnipresent Hello Kitty character, will be taking the cute cat online in what may be the biggest challenge yet to massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) dominated by World Of Warcraft.

MMORPG... it may sound like a space invader and in many ways, it is - from cyberspace they came, and they came to dominate your lives! Such is the case with the by-far most popular MMORPG, "World of Warcraft". The complex role-playing game, known as "WoW" for short, boasts over 6 million subscribers in the U.S. and an estimated 20 million in China regularly play it and other games of its genre.

Competition is on the way, however, and if Hello Kitty's worldwide popularity is anything to go by, a serious catfight is in the offing! Already, the Beta version of Hello Kitty Online is available for subscription, and the buzz - or should that be purr - is beginning to spread. According to the newly up & running site, there are already over 30,000 beta testers.

Some investigation of Hello Kitty Online reveals that it not only treads on the gaming aspects of traditional MMORPGs, but also adds social networking components that allow players to interact with other characters in an evolving virtual community.

Will Hello Kitty Online do for the Fairer Sex what World of Warcraft has done for (or to) young men? I'm talking about ADDICTION... a recognized problem with MMORPGs that may be exacerbated with the addition of social networking features.
Hello Kitty has demonstrated truly remarkable market penetration in a variety of cultures, so will the creation of a virtual "Kittyworld" linked to (the mothership) prove irresistible to yet another segment of the public? Time will tell... but concerned parents might just want to set out time limits from the very beginning. If not, it may just be Hello Kitty, goodbye kids! (images via Sanrio Digital)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer


Feb 15, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)


Do your research. WoW has over 10 million subscribers and there won't be hardly any compitition because it's two very different fanbases, and from the screenshots two very different games. And if it's anything to go by, Pirates of the Carribean (spelling?) was hugely popular, but the online MMO game was total... excrement. While this may be different, just because something is popular in one medium doesn't mean it will pan out in another.

(To be fair, the Pirates MMO was placed by execs in the same category as stuffed toys and posters, so not much effort was put into it. This sounds like it may be a little different... but then again maybe not.)

Feb 15, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
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By "competition", i mean the total number of subscribers for each game. Obviously WoW and Hello Kitty Online have very different target markets. This is why i'm saying that what WoW did for (or to) boys, Hello Kitty Online will do for (again, or to) girls.

Thanks for reading - no sarcasm intended :o)

Feb 15, 2008
by Vester (not verified)


Wow, this will be wonderful for the girls out there! Looks fun and interesting!

Feb 17, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Speaking as a girl, there's

Speaking as a girl, there's no f'in way I'm installing that on my computer. Yuck. Anyone over the age of 15 that collects Hello Kitty should be shot.

Feb 19, 2008
by Cath (not verified)

Hello Kitty is Digital Now

wow, she really is going digital. Kitty's got this and a limited edition USB drive to boot. click on the homepage i provided for info about the Hello Kitty USB.

Feb 24, 2008
by leopard stotch (not verified)

Hey this is the game that

Hey this is the game that butters plays on south park >_<. butters for president!!

Feb 25, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think this is a wonderful

I think this is a wonderful idea. I have loved Hello Kitty since i was 9 and i am now 22 and not ashamed. I think this is a good idea and will help girls fit in the PC online game world and not just on game systems. Please do keep in mind i am a WoW player and so are all my room mates, even though i do agree that the screen shots do not look like WoW, I would love to play it. I do understand that Hello Kitty is not for everyone but please don't bash something someone else likes just because it isn't for you. I didn't like WoW when i started but now i play all time. Good Luck on the launch!!!!!

Apr 27, 2008
by Anonymous

it's a good game

first off, the information is wrong.
in february, here were over 30,000 who APPLIED to be beta testers. only 160 of those got in, plus another 80 that were preselected. i happen to be one of those beta testers.

that being said, this could never take over WoW. this has a smaller audience, and it's not the same. WoW has more content.

and to the person who said people over 15 can't like hello kitty.... i'm 20, and i'm no where near the oldest playing in the beta.
that and over half the GMs are guys who have played many mmorpgs.....

and it's a REALLY good system to have the game integrated with blog, email, and video is really great. and it will be a good game, just not in the realm of comparing it to WoW.

May 11, 2008
by Anonymous

"Lawl, girls don't exist on the internetz."

"Will Hello Kitty Online do for the Fairer Sex what World of Warcraft has done for (or to) young men? I'm talking about ADDICTION... a recognized problem with MMORPGs that may be exacerbated with the addition of social networking features."

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. WoW has many, many girl gamers -- me being one of them. Besides, girls have been playing online games for years, and long before WoW came out. We don't need a "cute" kitty to get us to game. Huge guns, orcs, and all that good stuff pulled us in a long time ago.

May 31, 2008
by Anonymous

Wii and NDS

I'm also one of the beta testers, I agree with your comment that Hello Kitty Online will open up a new market. Sure there are girl gamers on WoW but there are not as many ratio wise , it's the same as comparing Xbox or PS3 against Wii gaming experiences. Wii and NDS opened up a completely new segment, as did Sims for simulation and strategy games.

You cannot compare the systems, but it is a full fledged MMO that has been designed for a different demographic, and I enjoyed it very much, it certainly is one of the best Beta's I've experienced so far (stable for one thing). On the topic of content, I'd say let's wait and see when the real beta opens up because the content on this one only had one map open, so it's hard to judge at this point. The promise of it being a rich and fun game for everyone is there, I for one enjoy it and am not the intended demographic ;-)

Jul 7, 2008
by Anonymous


well, maybe you should be shot. If you don't like the game, DON'T PLAY IT! Easy huh? Some of us 20 somethings grew up with Kitty and in case you haven't noticed, she is an expensive hobby. So to keep up with her, I'm sure i make a lot more money than you! So before you slam someone's hobby or pleasures, stop and DON'T! Oh and grow up, just because she's cute doesn't make her for kids.

Sep 12, 2008
by Anonymous

The founders beta is up!

Well, the news is out, the founders beta is just out, going live in October! This is going to be fun to watch and unfold!

Sep 24, 2008
by Anonymous


I cant wait for the founder BETA! I'm 12 and I love hello kitty. I'm sure I was like the youngest player in the other hello kitty BETA. There were like 26 year olds and stuff which was kinda weird. Mostly cuz I don't talk to 20 something year olds.

Oct 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Re: Speaking as a girl, there's

I'd like to see you post that and include your name, phone # and address. Then we'll see if you're still gonna say that, Ms. Anonymous.

PS: I know I'm as anonymous as well, but not worth registering just for this one post. =)

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous


how is the world?

Nov 20, 2008
by Anonymous

hi there

yah right !!!!!!
I agree with you if they don't like the game so why play?

good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 28, 2008
by Anonymous

how to play this game there's no login game?

i still didn't play this game....

Dec 12, 2008
by Anonymous

what do u mean people over

what do u mean people over 20 can't like hello kitty i'm 34 and i think she was "born" invented over 30 yrs ago, so i got first dibs! and i love her! she's the best